George Condo is an American contemporary artist. Working in painting, sculpture and printmaking, Condo's main themes are popular culture, mythology and the human figure.

Condo was born on June 8th 1954 in Rochester New York.  His parents were both artists; his mother a sculptor (and student of Hans Hofmann), and his father a painter who studied under Josef Albers.  Condo was taught to draw at a very young age, and began studying art formally in 1972 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  He graduated in 1974, and was soon after recruited by the prestigious Studio program at the Whitney Museum of American Art.  At this point in his career he had already begun to create paintings based on photographs from a popular culture magazine called National Lampoon.

In 1978 he had his first exhibition; the presentation of murals for an off-Broadway play "Enter the Guardsman" brought him to the attention of his future dealer, Leo Castelli.  Since then he has developed a reputation as an artist who explores various cultural references, and reinterprets existing works with his own unique style. Condo's work is in the permanent collections of several art museums such as The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, and The Tate Gallery in London.  He has been featured numerous times on the cover of ArtInAmerica magazine .

Condo is famous for his large-scale paintings featuring droopy dogs (examples can be seen here , when it says droopy dog click images) among other things such

Artist George Condo's droopy dog is drooling. Probably drooling blood or drool mixed with worms. The droopy dog is not drooping and has gone beyond the droop phase a long time ago—the droop was a stage, it has passed, but it never became a full-fledged droopy doggy.

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