The famous Luxurious brand Chrome Hearts flaunted its designs in collaboration with Drake's Rolls-Royce Cullinan in celebration of their partnership. A "one-of-one" masterpiece as they said. The glamorously eye-catching vehicle was completed for almost two years, displayed last May 15 at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami.

This personalized masterpiece was one of the sexiest drives this year. It was a thorough work, given the years of collaboration. Looking inside the vehicle, the quilted leather highlight's Chrome Heart's signature crosses. And there's more on the exterior featuring its rims with engraved words "Fuck You." According to the Chrome Hearts co-owner Laurie Lynn Stark from the GQ interview, Drake "hasn't been able to drive the car for over a year because the minute it's on the road, it's photographed."

During the collaboration, Drake was very particular about the concept of longevity. He became apparent with the Chrome Hearts' team regarding the personalization to ideally become heirlooms that will be coveted. According to Chrome Heart's interview they mentioned that during the rollout, the concept of Drake's longevity is like "in 10 years, if someone says, 'Oh, remember they did that Drake project? What were those few pieces that were made? How do you have one?'"