On Monday, Rihanna revealed she's expecting her first child with longtime boyfriend A$AP Rocky during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The announcement was met by cheers from fans, but they also began to wonder whether Drake was doing okay given his well-documented obsession with RiRi. And let's just say, their concern has taken the form of some pretty hilarious memes.

After all, in 2016, Drake publicly declared his love for her while presenting her MTV Video Vanguard Award, and he has continued to openly simp for her despite Rihanna claiming in 2018 that they are no longer friends but "not enemies either." After she began dating Rocky in 2020, however, Rih made it unequivocally clear that she had moved on from whatever romantic relationship they may have once had. With this in mind, the internet was quick to make fun of Drake losing his mind as a result of the news, with various people Tweeting things like "I know where Drake is currently vomiting" and claiming he's undoubtedly already outside her home.

"Rihanna got pregnant and Drake ain’t know," one person wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of Drake holding an empty baby carriage along with the caption "You really did it this time."

Another user took another approach to highlighting how surprised they were by the news, writing "Drake when he heard Rihanna is having A$AP Rocky’s baby." Meanwhile, someone else decided to get straight to the point with their meme, tweeting a photo of Drake crying while holding an empty pink gift bag with RiRi's name on it.

"Drake after hearing that rihanna is pregnant," the person wrote.Many people joked about a potential sequel to Drake's iconic heartbreak song "Marvin's Room," which would be called "Marvin's House" or "Marvin's Mansion." Given that he has yet to publicly congratulate Rihanna, I'm sure fans will have theories about the significance of this text.