Berlin-based South Korean DJ, Peggy Gou has been striking Instagram with her home/studio set-up. Featuring her simple yet elegant and very cozy interiors with details from her "ti-die-for" couch by Pierre Augustin Rose--Paris based. To keep the chill vibe, her home is also filled with artwork, a sculpture by Wonwoo Lee entitled "You are my burning ", Illustrations by Joan Cornellà Vázquez KAWS Companions, Medicom Bearbrick Astroboy, and Johannes Grune's floor to ceiling shelf. 

"her creativity is boundless, and whenever she encounters something familiar, she changes tack. Indeed, the only constant is her stoic passion for creating new things. As a teenager, Gou left Seoul for London and studied at the College of Fashion, started to work as a DJ and now lives in Berlin, which attracted her with its varied club scene."

- Freifrau

"Being home means being able to truly relax and be myself in my own personal space. It’s about feeling safe and chilled."

-Peggy Gou

Check out Gou's ‘Gourantine Playlist’ on Spotify, where you can listen to a selection of tracks that would be perfect for a Weekend afternoon – or any day of the week.