To commemorate the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse’s debut in Steamboat Willie, Disney, UNDEFEATED, and Medicom Toy have collaborated to create a limited-edition set of Mickey Mouse BE@RBRICKS. The special item was made available in 1000 percent sizes over the counter at various Tokyo Solamachi stores in Japan, as well as online.

The Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK has kept the same shiny bronze and silver color scheme as the toy’s predecessor, along with matching details of black and the UNDEFEATED emblem on its back. The item, on the other hand, is also 700mm tall which is about 28 inches. Blaine Gibson’s 1993 bronze statue Partners, which shows Mickey Mouse holding hands with creator Walt Disney, was also a source of inspiration for the design.

The set was made available for $200 last November 28, 2019, at the “Mickey: The True Original” exhibits inside pop-up stores at sixty 10th Avenue in New York City and it immediately sold out afterwards.