Pharrell Williams and Tiffany & Co. just might be teaming up on a special collaboration, if we go by the sunglasses that were recently sported at KENZO’s Fall/Winter 2022 show in Paris.

After the designer shared some photos of Pharrell on his Instagram account, many fans pointed out how similar they looked to some Mughal antique sunglasses that were previously auctioned in 2016.

The glasses in question are the same shape, color and even come with a diamond-encrusted frame. And it’s not only their appearance that’s similar; they also share similar names, called ‘Taj Mahal’ which is also the name of Pharrell’s latest song.

Coming to think of it, the rapper does hail from Virginia (which was once home to some Mughal emperors) and he even loves wearing Mughal-inspired designs.

But will Tiffany & Co., who has also called these sunglasses ‘Taj Mahal’, answer the fan claims? And did they actually copy the antique design or was it just a case of coincidence?

Pharrell Williams was spotted in the audience at this year's KENZO Fall/Winter 2022 presentation, which was designed by NIGO. He was wearing a pair of custom Tiffany & Co. sunglasses, according to reports from the event.

The multi-disciplinary creative donned unique almond-shaped emerald, diamond-encrusted sunglasses, seemingly announcing a collaboration in the works. After Tiffany & Co. unveiled its co-creation with Pharrell on Instagram, many noted a striking resemblance to an ancient Mughal object.

Last year, Sotheby's sold two pairs of the frames in question, which date from the 17th century. Belonging to the Mughal royal family and likely belonging to empress Nur Jahan (who was also known as Lady of the Taj Mahal), they were put up for auction as part of her personal effects.A mughal-inspired design. The shape is almond-shaped with diamond encrusted frame. The color is emerald green, which is Pharrell's favorite color.