Marcel Wanders enjoyed crafting gifts for others as a youngster. He now creates for the entire world, creating one-of-a-kind presents that are important to both the recipients and the designer himself. Marcel is on a mission that he had envisioned and planned throughout his time as a student: to build a loving atmosphere, live with passion, and realize our most cherished goals in life.

Marcel Wanders is without a doubt one of our generation’s most renowned larger-than-life designers. With generosity, magic, revolution, and a bit of rib-tickling, he captivates his audience. He did not have to wait long for stardom after graduating with honors from the Arnhem School of the Arts. He earned excellent accolades during the inaugural 1993 Droog Design show in Milan, as well as for his Knotted Chair, which he designed for Droog in 1996 and which has now become an iconic piece in home designing.

Working from his design office in the heart of Amsterdam, Marcel Wanders Studio, which The Observer calls “one of the most exciting powerhouses of interdisciplinary design,” Wanders began to further extend his empire in the 2000s, co-founding the high-end design brand Moooi alongside Casper Vissers. Wanders, who is not one to sit still, is very much active as the art director of Moooi, as well as developing awe-inspiring and fresh design for each collection.

Wanders and the Moooi business he founded have made flamboyant inventiveness associated with modern Dutch design.

Wanders has designed for prominent worldwide corporations for the past two decades and continues to do so today. His pieces are easily recognized due to his inventive use of material and technology, as well as his elegant blend of the new and the old, plus adding in his characteristic “tongue in cheek.” Marcel’s avant-garde items have been acclaimed as provocative and startling, and his is always innovating to make the world a better place.