The famous contemporary visual artist working between architecture, performance, and art, Daniel Arsham, created another set of indefinable significance through his latest exhibit entitled "Time Dilation." currently taking place in New York City's Perrotin Gallery

What I'm trying to create for viewers is to pull them outside of this moment, 10,000 years from now and where that time period has collapsed.

— Daniel Arsham for The New York Times

Highlighting the convergence of classical style and pop culture subjects, he featured Pokémon characters sculpted as historical pieces. In his exhibit, he intends to bring a time-compressed epoch to his audience displaying decaying sculpture with subverted interests. 

'Time Dilation' marks the first time in almost a decade that Daniel Arsham has shown his paintings publicly and includes a range of the artist's signature crystallized sculptures, including characters from the Pokémon universe as well as classical objects from Antiquity."

- Perrotin Gallery.

Arsham's imagination ascends through time. He has been delving into Fictional archeological works that continue to challenge its concept on temporality and materiality.  

"Arsham is no scientist, but his quarry, too, is the nature of temporality itself, and he applies a pin-sharp exactitude to his many experiments. For the present exhibition at Perrotin, he has brought together multiple pathways of his creativity, groups of objects that would usually remain discrete. It's another type of collision. And it warrants analysis,"

-Perrotin Gallery

Time Dilation covers New York gallery's all three floors. Bringing Arsham's universe to the audience, displaying his practices and new bodies of work. Walkthrough David Arsham's remarkable realm by booking an exhibit tour ahead of time via Perrotin's website.