The Pokemon Company has announced that artist Daniel Arsham is collaborating with them on new Pokemon projects. Arsham is known for his distinctive style of "playing with time" which has been applied to many of his past works. He is best known as a co-founder and lead designer at Snarkitecture . The Pokemon Company announced earlier this month that Arsham's latest project, "A Ripple in Time" will be opening across five venues in Tokyo this February. It will use his distinctive time-sensitive style to express the creative themes of evolution, extinction and eternity.

Arsham's work for "A Ripple in Time" features over 20 sculptures from Snarkitecture 's recent projects, including "SSS", which was on display at their previous Pokemon project "Time Dilation". The sculptures will also feature some new works inspired by Pokemon. "A Ripple in Time" includes paintings, drawings and animations that are all linked to the theme of time. Many of these will be displayed at Shibuya Kaikai Club Square A.

The collaboration between the two was first teased last year when “Eevee” and “Ditto” sculptures were previewed on social media and at a special event in New York City.

Now, The Pokemon Company and Arsham have officially announced the new project, “A Ripple in Time.” The show will feature 20 sculptures from Arsham across a range of works including animations, paintings and drawings as well as his signature Pokemon pieces.

“Each week I am excited to see how much fun Daniel is having with this series,” expressed Yurika Takahashi, a representative from The Pokemon Company. “Working with Daniel has been a wonderful experience and we are happy to continue this journey together in Tokyo.”

The show will run across five venues in Tokyo including NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Parco Museum Tokyo, Aomi, Omotesando, and Perroting. In addition, the work from Arsham will be featured in a two-floor solo exhibition at Nano Universe in Omotesando.