The Famous British conceptual artist, entrepreneur, and art collector, Damien Hirst designed and curated a penthouse at The Palms Casino Resort called "The Empathy Suite."--9,000 square foot, two-floor private mansion-museum costs around $200,000 a month for a minimum two-night stay.

"In collaboration with design firm Bentel & Bentel, Hirst curated the villa's two master bedrooms, home theatre (seating for 52), cantilevered sculptural jacuzzi with a panoramic view of the Strip, gym, spa, "salt relaxation room," and custom furniture, wallpaper and textiles."--Jael Goldfine

Labelled as one of the most expensive hotel room worldwide, displaying Hirt's masterpieces throughout the penthouse such as Casino Royal (2018) a 10-panel collection of his butterfly motifs on monochrome canvases, a framed medicine cabinet called Vegas (2018), a diamond-filled medicine cabinet The Winner Takes It All (2018), an actually pill-filled cabinet Money (2018), and the two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde in a white tank set into the wall of the suite, Winner/Loser (2018), highlight extra services such as: 24-hour butler service, all-access to Palm's KAOS nightclub, and PearlConcert Theater and recording studio.

Featuring is an absurd but luxurious motif of butterflies around the penthouse (which the artist once famously slaughtered 9,000 of for a sculpture). This penthouse grande is a part of Palm's 690 million renovations. Check out the photos to get a closer look of the famously expensive "Empathy Suite."; More at HOMELESS PENTHOUSE.