Damien Hirst, the British artist who produced Drake's chart-topping Certified Lover Boy album cover art, has revealed that he is converting it into 10,000 Ethereum NFTs.

Holders of Hirst's The Currency collection, which debuted earlier this summer in July, were "airdropped" these additional NFTs for free, according to Decrypt. These NFT collectibles, titled “Great Expectations,” were not for sale to the general public. "Everything done correctly is art," Hirst said in a series of ten Tweets, explaining why he was doing so. I've developed this free Thanksgiving present for all Currency NFT holders with Drake's help and approval; it's roughly inspired on the album cover I designed for Drake."

The 10,000 NFT pieces are all laid up in the same grid as the initial 12 Emoji-like pregnant ladies. Hirst's NFT collection adds a fresh twist by modifying the women's look, adjusting color palettes, backdrops, hair kinds, and adding accessories such as purses and party hats. Some may even notice a skull or a flame in place of the women's faces. "Like all great art, it seems easy," Hirst writes in a series of tweets on Great Expectations. [He] wanted it to be a mix of pop, high, and low art...to be humorous while yet being legendary." It's no wonder that many owners of "Great Expectations" are anxious to get their hands on these free NFTs on OpenSea. The cheapest NFT in the series is now priced at 1.1 ETH, which roughly converts to $4,500 USD.