Cosmic girl's eyes are not closed. She is cosmic. There are no stars in the background. But her eyes are cosmic, so she can see them anyway. They're always open because cosmic girls like Yoshitomo Nara have a new Cosmic Girl on the block. Her name is Sayumi and she was born on March 20, 2002 in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Just like all of Nara's Cosmic Girls before her, Sayumi is a young girl whose eyes are always open. She sleeps on the ground, she sits on the grass, and she hangs out with cosmic companions. However, there are elements of Sayumi that distinguish her from Nara's other cosmic girls. Perhaps it is because Sayumi is named after a Japanese idol who has been in show business since 2002; or perhaps it is because Sayumi is designed to look more grown-up than Sakura and Mirei . Sayumi is cosmic, but that doesn't mean she can't be a cutie too.

The cosmic girl's name is Sayumi, as in the Japanese idol singer Sayumi Michishige. The resemblance between the two is undeniable; to me at least, this cosmic girl looks like a young version of Sayumi Michishige. Sayumi the cosmic girl wears blue, but her outfit is slightly different from that of Sayumi the idol; cosmic girl's pants have a teardrop design, which echoes Nara's use of circles and diamonds in his cosmic girls' clothing designs. Also, like many of Nara's other young women, cosmic girl Sayumi wears a t-shirt that says "I am." She also has a pink bow in her hair and an X on her shirt.

Cosmic girls are known for their eyes: they're always open. In fact, if you look at the title of this picture, you can see that the second word is "eyes," indicating that Sayumi's eyes are open. This bit of information is not included in my other two reviews on this page (about Sakura and Mirei), so I thought it was worth mentioning. The green grass doesn't appear to be anything special; Nara has painted happy young.

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