It’s not very often that Elon Musk is outdone in the game of unique, sometimes strange ides. Tesla recently filed an interesting trademark for a (or rather “an”) iced beverage or beverage container which got people speculating if it was related to an upcoming drink brand partnership. But now they are back to their usual groundbreaking ideas with the trademark filing of a "mini toy model" for which no further information is available. It's not know what the product is nor when the company plans to release it but they have already filed trademarks in various countries including Australia, Canada and Mexico so maybe we don't have long to wait.

In any case, Tesla has two new amazing products up for pre-order which is a hot topic right now. The first is the brand new Model Y SUV available in a 60D or 75D and which can be yours with a $2,500 deposit. All models come equipped with Autopilot 2.0 hardware including 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, forward radar and a supercomputer capable of processing data 40 times faster than previously. Prices start at $39,000 for the base model which is available from late 2020 with deliveries starting from 2021.The other product on pre-order is an Elon Musk signed Tesla Model X toy car. The unique NFT version can be owned as a physical mini car with matching NFTs of video proof and a Beckett letter of authenticity. The toy is limited to just 10 units and will be made available for $250,000 each making it the most expensive NFT ever created so far.