Neon signs are an easy installment to up the 'wow 'factor of your wall decor and add pops of color to just about any room of your home. Neon signs, especially neon signs that say "open" are popular in commercial spaces like shops and restaurants.

These days you can choose from plenty of different designs, including everything from iconic images (think movie titles) to designs that are more abstract.

Neon signs appeal to a wide range of lifestyle choices and tastes, which is partly why they're so popular. After all, you aren't limited to just one design or style.

If the idea of incorporating neon into your home decor seems like an exciting possibility for you,  consider checking out the following examples.

Neon Signs that Go with Your Lifestyle and Personality

Some types of neon signs have such iconic connotations that they evoke specific images in a viewer's mind. The image of Marilyn Monroe is associated, for example, with New York City (where she became famous) and all things quintessentially 1950s: a certain type of film noir, upbeat tunes and surface glamour. Marilyn Monroe's image is such a classic embodiment of all these things that it makes sense to use her image (in any form) as part of your home decor, right?

This example shows how you can incorporate neon signs into your decor for practically any purpose: to add an extra bit of entertainment for your guests, to show off your love of old films (or classic Hollywood stars), or just to add a touch of glamour. The possibilities are endless and you're sure to find something that suits your tastes!

Neon signs don't have to be used in the conventional sense though; they can also be used to add a pop of color and energy to an otherwise dull space. When you're thinking about how neon can be incorporated into your home decor, remember that there's no limit on what kind of designs or imagery you can use!

Tunnel Cat Sign in the Sunroom

Here's another example of a more abstract design. The tunnel cat sign in this example isn't a copy of an image (and it doesn't have any association with a certain type of film noir, for instance); rather the design is completely original and was created specially for a client.

The owner of this home wanted to add something special to her decor that would make people feel at ease when they came over. She decided to use neon signs because she liked the idea of a pop of color and energy - plus, they were eye-catching and fun! The fact that the design is also abstract adds even more interest!

An Easy DIY Neon Sign

One of the best things about using neon in your home decor is that there are very few limitations on what you can use.

This DIY neon sign makes for a simple - and gorgeous! - piece of home decor that's sure to get your guests talking. The key is the quality of light; if you have a low-quality bulb, then your sign won't be as bright or eye-catching (plus it won't last as long). Opt for a quality neon sign and you're sure to be happy!