If you're like most people, you have old car parts sitting in your backyard or shed right now. Don't let these valuable items go to waste! Turn them into something unique and beautiful that can be cherished for many years to come.

Get started by finding a good picture of a car on the Internet and printing it out. The next step is to cut that image into small squares, enough for each piece of the vehicle you want to use. You will need to find pieces made of metal, rubber or plastic. A great place to look for them is at vintage car yard sales.

When you have all the pieces you need, carefully attach them to a piece of sturdy material; something like foam can work well. You will eventually be attaching this entire thing to the frame underneath your sofa or couch. The idea is that no matter how far you move from your furniture, there will always be an old car next to it. You can display most of them on your couch or hide some underneath the sofa cushions.

How do you find a good picture to use? It should be an image where all the parts are clearly visible and they have a high contrast. Look at pictures of cars from different angles if you want to make sure that you include as many components as possible.

This process can take time, but you will find that it’s worth all the effort once you have a functional and beautiful couch made from bits of an old classic car! If you need some help, consider contacting your local community college to learn more about industrial arts classes. 

Designs like this have never been seen before; that makes them truly one of a kind, custom pieces. Plus, you will be bringing life and joy to your living room! Check out this link if you want to grab a pre-designed vintage couch in an instant!