Coney Island is a great place to go in the summer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Coney Island’s bright skies and flowing waves make for the ideal escape, with over 3 miles of sandy coastlines. If being a beach bum is rather your style, Coney Island has plenty of getaway options. The beach and boardwalk can give hours of enjoyment with beach volleyball, basketball facilities, and handball, as well as amusement attractions and playgrounds.

Coney Island is an entertainment and residential estate of Brooklyn. New York, United States, located on the Atlantic Ocean. It was formerly an island, and Dutch inhabitants called it Konjin Eiland or the “Rabbit Island,” which was likely Anglicized to Coney Island. After Coney Island filled back up and became a sandbar between the north’s Gravesend Bay, the east’s Sheepshead Bay, and the west’s Lower Bay, it then became a property of Long Island in the south.

Coney Island has been the heart of seaside entertainment since before the beginning of the twentieth century, it has been idealized in cinema and song through the years, appreciated for its exhilarating rides, and zany attractions for children, as well as the sentimental feeling it gives to adults. Sure, it had been neglected for years, but the entrance of the amusement park, Luna Park, brought the establishment back to life. Hundreds of thousands of people visit what has become one of the most popular of New York beachfronts, offering a variety of summer activities. There is something for everyone, from movie screenings to concerts to the raucous Mermaid Parade. The ultimate summer destination is one of the greatest day excursions from New York, and you can’t miss out on must-see attractions such as Nathan’s Famous hot dog stall, a Coney Island Cyclone game, and a tour of New York City's one and only aquarium site.

You can go from the flash and glitter feels of Manhattan to the old-fashioned fun of Brooklyn’s legendary Coney Island in just the span of an hour. The resort-like amusement center provides surf, sun, thrills, and a distinct style of entertainment that will transport you to another planet.

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