Popular entertainment area in the Southwest of Brooklyn, Coney Island started as a seaside resort in the mid-19th century, which later on added amusement parks. Between 1880 and WWII, Coney Island was the largest amusement in the US; at its height, it housed three significant amusement parks—Luna Park, Dreamland, and Steeplechase Park—as well as many independent amusements. After World War II, there was a decline in popularity, and some structures were torn down due to years of neglect. In the 2000s, MCU park and several amusement rides and stadiums started thriving. 

This place is such an essential experience for any New Yorker. It has endured a remarkable change over the years. And there are just heaps of things to do and food to discover in this candy-coated nostalgic charm of its thrilling rides and beachside. Hop in as Homeless Penthouse gives us a walking tour around Coney Island!