As the world grapples with a changing political landscape, COMME des GARÇONS Homme Plus has unveiled its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Showcasing in Tokyo, the theme of the collection was “Nomad.”

Models were clad in baggy suit jackets draped over dresses and pants, and each model wore a unique variation of top hat. The color scheme was black with splashes of brilliant red, orange, green, and purple.

There were two shoe collaborations in the collection, as well. CDG collaborated with the brand George Cox to update two shoe models with a thick Creeper-style sole after being inspired by late British shoe designer John Moore, who produced the double-strap sandal and Oxford shoes.

“I wanted to explore what we could do with nomadic thinking, and I used the idea of a traditional Moroccan traveler as inspiration,” said CDG Homme Plus designer Jun Takahashi in an interview with Vogue Runway. “These men would load all their luggage onto a camel and carry it on their back, and travel the sands of Morocco. I wanted to apply this idea to my own modern approach to a traveler—the suitcases that would be worn instead of carried.”

Some looks were accessorized with traditional Middle Eastern garb including full-sized scarfs wrapped around necks and arms, and others included white robes and long socks.

“Traveling is not just limited to physical movement, but also about ideas and thoughts, and how we can express them through fashion,” Takahashi continued. “I want to explore the idea that one doesn’t have to only live within their own culture to appreciate it.”Another conceptual aspect of the collection was the way in which traditional Moslem dress codes were mixed with contemporary fashion silhouettes. For example, one look consisted of a long black pleated maxi skirt worn over pants. Oversized coats sported exaggeratedly puffy sleeves that almost resembled kimonos, and they were paired with prints such as the traditional Moroccan handkerchief pattern, or a color print of ripples on water.