It's not unusual for prominent brands to collaborate on handbags. If the fact that Gucci and COMME des GARÇONS are ending a collaborative bag partnership sounds strange, it isn't. They've already released a shopping bag (two, in fact), and they have several similarities, considering Gucci's recent industry problems.

COMME des GARÇONS, which has long been the ultimate example of industry heterodoxy, has deliberately defied convention with clothing that undermines any preconceived notions of conventional attire design.

Rei Kawakubo's iconoclasm has won fans among high-end peers and industry tastemakers, but even the fashion agnostic seem to enjoy her Dover Street Market business.

Gucci, which is not only available at Dover Street Market but also has its own distinct installations to celebrate its centennial, has been breaking the rules this year. The luxury brand is pushing the envelope as far as legacy labels go, from Hot Wheels collaborations to Roblox partnerships to Balenciaga hacks.

COMME des GARÇONS and Gucci are reuniting to release their third co-branded tote bag before it travels to Los Angeles for a nonconformist fashion show. This one is more accessible than previous versions, with a basic black skin rather than the replica paper and patterned designs that adorned previous editions.

The ultimate understated luxury bag is designated as a Gucci co-sign only by internal tags and the distinctive red and green snaking on the lateral side, making it entirely unique. Given that one of CdG's strengths is Kawakubo's capacity to turn the ordinary into the fantastic, the bag's simple look is clearly deliberate.

"The circle of this experimental process," according to Gucci, is completed with the arrival of this tote, which will go on sale October 15 on Dover Street Market's web store, actual stores, COMME des GARÇONS shops, and Gucci's archival Vault site.Apropos of nothing, however, the bag was restocked on February 4 as part of Dover Street Market's Spring/Summer 2022 makeover. Nobody will begrudge you an opportunity to buy another bag.