"Coco" by 24kGoldn feat. DaBaby is a song about the singer's love interest, Coco, and how much she means to him. The video for "Coco" was released on March 28th, 2018 on all major streaming platforms along with the single which dropped on March 1st. The video features guest appearances from DaBaby, Mikey and Josh.

The music video starts off with 24kGoldn singing peacefully in a grey room when he notices his phone ringing then picks up the call with DaBaby, who is waiting for him outside of a car. While singing to the camera, DaBaby drives around town while trying to find 24kGoldn. The video goes back to 24kGoldn, who continues singing until he notices that DaBaby is calling him again and takes the call.

DaBaby is now outside of his car in a white room with mysterious imagery set behind him. Multiple girls start running towards DaBaby while simultaneously walking away from 24kGoldn, causing confusion. 24kGoldn notices the girls walking away from him and looks around as if he's looking for someone.

The music video goes back to DaBaby, where he is now in a black room with neon lights flashing behind him. Two of the same girls are seen together talking while looking at their phones before leaving once again, giving off a sense of loneliness.

The video flips back to 24kGoldn, who is sitting in what appears to be a hotel room with several women around him as he sings the song while looking into the camera. DaBaby calls 24kGoldn again and talks for a bit before hanging up and driving off once again, leaving 24kGoldn in the hotel room alone.

24kGoldn is now singing in Mikey's bedroom while also singing into a microphone, reflecting on DaBaby who isn't there with him. 24kGoldn begins to tear up as he struggles to sing the song and looks away from the camera before fading away.