Coachella and FTX have teamed up to create lifetime festival experiences as NFTs, allowing you to attend every Coachella and all of its sister festivals in one fell swoop. FTX US has signed a long-term agreement with the annual California music and arts event to create crypto-powered experiences on the Solana blockchain. The introduction of Coachella's NFT marketplace, which will now be accessible on their website, is the first step.

The Coachella Keys Collection is the first to be offered, and it includes ten one-of-a-kind NFT keys that provide lifetime access to Coachella as well as unique festival experiences for 2021. You'll be able to access future Coachella-developed virtual experiences as well.

The “Sights and Sounds Collection,” consisting of 10,000 NFTs of never-before-seen soundscapes and photos priced at $60 USD each, is the other two drops. The Desert Reflections Collection is a celebration of Coachella's 20th anniversary through 1,000 NFTs priced at $180. The third collection, which focuses on NFTs only, is the most recent and comes with a physical copy of the Coachella | The Photographs: 1999-2019 photo book as its main incentive.

“We are the first to deliver real-world Coachella tickets on a blockchain. Blockchain technology is the only way we can offer tradable lifetime passes to Coachella,” said Sam Schoonover, Coachella's innovation lead. “We're eager to apply NFTs in order to expand the usefulness and community of our followers.”

“Coachella is a mecca for much of the world's youth culture, and we are excited to provide these experiences as collectibles in addition to being sold on FTX Marketplace,” said Ian Mackenzie, CEO and co-founder of FTX. “We want to employ blockchain technology in a way that improves its usefulness and enriches end users' experiences.”On February 4, bidding for the "Coachella Keys Collection" begins, with the "Sights and Sounds" and "Desert Reflections" collections becoming available simultaneously.