The iconic blue, red, and white colors representing the values of patriotism, excellence, and classic style; this is what Tommy Hilfiger is known for. Established in 1985, The American Premium Brand continues to thrive in fashion and home accessories/furnishings. 

It was later on acquired by PVH Corp.(Phillips-Van Heusen) for USD3 billion. In 1996, Tommy Hilfiger - European Division was then launched by Fred Gehring. As their global retail increased significantly over time, Gehring assumed control on Tommy Hilfiger American HQ to increase its profits, thus focusing more on the sportswear line. In 2010 the sales began to rise. 

Tommy Hilfiger continues to be the company's head designer, supervising the design teams and managing the whole creative process. Hilfigers' boasts his minimalistic and classy designs featuring tailored suits, sportswear, denim, accessories, footwear, fragrances, eyewear, watches, and home furnishings. 

One of the most remarkable things about Tommy Hilfiger is its Marketing and Advertising strategy. It was a brilliant one and an excellent call for hiring George Lois as its advertiser and graphic designer. During the company's first year, they planned on creating a billboard to be featured at Time Square, New York City. A genius ad move in which they highlighted 3 popular fashion brands' initials, plus the acronym of Tommy Hilfiger "TH" announcing that it was "the next great menswear designer". With several crazy yet exciting ideas of the designer, It gained an honor from FiFi Awards as the Year's Best Marketing Innovation 2000.

Presently, Tommy Hilfiger continues to mesmerize the public with its simplistic classic designs. Featuring a blend of timeless ease and novelty TH Spring 2021 collection is finally out and about!