Chrome Hearts has revealed its latest product, a matchstick holder, to add to its growing list of specialty items, which include silver dumbbells, a Rubik's cube, a toilet plunger, and marshmallow skewers.

The silver-plated item has an unusual form, to put it mildly, with the top Instagram comment reading, "Chrome Cheeks." The top of the object is cone-shaped and adorned with long cross designs on the outside. The outside of the box has a friction pad along the rim that must be used to ignite the matches. Finally, the base includes Chrome Hearts branding in its distinctive Gothic typeface. Chrome Hearts shared another unusual moment in a recent Instagram post. "Oddity... here's one more for you guys," the band wrote. "An old prototype from 2010. Chrome Cheeks."

Back in 2011, the company unveiled its first silver toilet plunger as a collaborative effort with French designer Christian Astuguevieille. In 2012, it followed up with a silver sausage dog toy for dogs; and, in 2013, it introduced the world to an amazing "Jewel Dog" candle. Two years later, Chrome Hearts introduced its silver dumbbells and, in 2017, it unveiled some new, fantastically impractical products: a telephone; salt and pepper shakers; an ashtray; and toilet paper holders.

This year, it seems Chrome Hearts is going from silver dumbbells to silver matchstick holders.

Amusingly, the matchstick holder is not the only unusual product unveiled by Chrome Hearts recently. Also in recent days, CEO Richard Stark unveiled an odd prototype from 2010: a silver version of "cheeks." "#oddity... here's one more for you guys," he wrote.In an era of disposable goods and throw-away fashion, a brand like Chrome Hearts makes you pause a moment and give a nod to the old school. The ’90s saw mass production at its height and consumers traded individuality and craftsmanship for mass-produced goods. But after years of seeing their own clothing wear down and fall apart, many Millennials found themselves disillusioned with the idea of purchasing new items to replace old ones.