In terms of private sales, 2021 saw a record year for Christie’s with $1.7 billion USD. Four works of art sold for over $50 million USD leading to the increase in private sales and led to Christie’s seeing two of their most valuable works sell for upwards of $90 million USD each. This marks the largest private sale in five years for Christie’s.

On the art auction front, Christie’s saw $149.2 million USD in revenue purely from NFT sales this year which is the highest for them in five years. Eight of these pieces were sold by far exceeding their estimated values while six failed to meet their floor prices. Two pieces were bought at above double their estimates, three works sold above their reserve prices, and one piece failed to sell. Despite the lack of sales for some pieces, the final results are the most profitable for Christie’s in five years with nearly $20 million USD derived purely from NFT sales this year alone.

The highest earning work at the auction house was a pixelated Warhol entitled "14 Small Electric Chairs," which sold for a total of $5.9 million USD. A second Warhol work entitled "200 One Dollar Bills" was the second most highly valued piece at the auction with a closing price of $4.8 million USD, way above its estimated value of only $2.0-2.5 million USD. Another Warhol work, "100 Soup Cans," sold for $3.7 million USD while a Bill Viola piece entitled "The Refusal of Time" closed at $2.4 million USD.

Christie’s has now placed NFT’s as one of their top categories to look out for in the future. As 2019 was a peak year for NFT sales, 2021 marks an incredible increase in records being set by Christie’s and other auction houses such as Poly.The auction house recently took to Twitter to announce that 2021 marked the highest total revenue for Christie’s in the past five years. The total global sales for 2021 hit $7.1 billion USD, with a record number of private sales at over $1 billion USD.