Chains is an ambitious project for its creator, Jacob Bamdas, and his creative partner, CryptoJeweler online. It's a big job for Bamdas and his creative collaborator to create Chains, which is why it's only available on Opensea and eagerly sought after by users that congregate on the Discord channel of Chain.

With its focus solely on the physical side of NFTs, Chains is hoping to attract users who are looking for something tangible—something they can wear without worrying about losing their digital assets. This rings true with how Bamdas views his business. "I don't want it to be seen as just a game," Bamdas explains. "In 10, 20 years from now, they're going to open the safe and they'll have a token that's worth something. That's a real value."

Bamdas' comments echo a sentiment shared by many industry insiders. The physical manifestations of digital collectibles are often seen as the route for success in this particular space—the idea being that users are more likely to spend money on something they can hold. It's a concept that is slowly gaining steam, yet it has yet to be tested out at scale—which Chains hopes will happen soon enough.

Bamdas lays out his ambitious goals for the platform, "I want to blow NFT projects in the water," he says. He's particularly focused on creating unique pieces of jewelry that are hard to find, much like how it has always been in real life.

"It's about bringing something new and exciting to the game space," Bamdas concludes. "This is a way for those who aren't as comfortable with the Blockchain to actually get involved, and be able to build something that they want to hold onto."Started by Bamdas in 2017 with the goal of "creating beautiful things for beautiful people," Chains' first line of jewelry came in the form of diamond rings and earrings—and they're still available at nearly half off. "We've had a lot of success with rings," Bamdas says.