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Labor Day Party Favors for Family & Friends

Labor Day is a great time to spend quality time with family and friends. But before you start grilling and relaxing, these Labor Day party favors make the perfect way to kick off your Labor Day party.

1. Decorate in Red, White & Blue You can't have a Labor Day celebration without red, white and blue! These paper lanterns are the perfect décor for your outdoor dinner party. Hang them from trees or on strings between two trees. The white letters spell out "Labor Day" and the red lanterns create a custom look that'll have your guests in awe.

2. Party with Puppies Dogs make everyone feel happy, so why not bring them over to your Labor Day celebration? Pet stores like Petco and Petsmart offer doggie party packages that include everything you need to keep your dog happy. If you don't have a pet of your own, treat yourself to one for the holiday!

3. Go All Out with a Simple Cupcake It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, people will always love desserts. Add some red, white and blue sprinkles to each cupcake. These super easy treats will be a hit at your Labor Day party!

4. Red, White & Blue Lemonade Combining your favorite lemonade with red, white and blue is the perfect way to keep cool during summer's last hurrah. Make up pitchers of it for guests at your Labor Day party and use the red, white and blue cups to serve it in.

5. Memorialize Your Labor Day Party in Photos Snap a picture or two while you're celebrating Labor Day to cherish the memories forever. Not only will photos make your party look more festive, but they also come in handy if you want to remember what everyone was wearing, where the food was set up and which activities everyone decided to do.

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Labor Day: Every Workers Holiday

Every Labor Day, we celebrate a holiday that honors the contributions of workers. The first government-sanctioned Labor Day celebration was on Sept. 5, 1882 in New York City. In an effort to reduce tensions between the business and labor communities and further ensure safe conditions for city employees, 400 manufacturers in New York signed an agreement to make Sept. 5 a holiday for all workers within the city limits. Six years later, the U.S. Congress voted to establish Labor Day as a national event in recognition of the contributions of working people.

As America grew, so did its workforce and with it came transitions in how American workers spent their days off from work. In the 1920s, lifeguards in Atlantic City, N.J., the site of the first official Labor Day parade, were treated to a day at the beach rather than work on the waterfront. In 1938, many Americans found themselves working six days a week as a result of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl conditions that plagued much of the country. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed legislation in 1938 into law creating a three-day weekend for federal employees, including postal workers and other public servants. In 1940, Congress adopted the 40-hour work week and eight years later made the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday dedicated to American labor.

The protections we enjoy as Americans today are not gifted by any one person or organization. Rather, they are the hard-fought and hard-won gains of generations of workers, their families and friends who fought for safe working conditions, fair wages and a level playing field on which to compete. Many died in that struggle; many were injured; some spent time away from their families in jail. They did so because of their fundamental belief in the dignity and worth of every single American worker.

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Tips to Keep Track on Mattress Sales Coming This Labor Day

Labor Day mattress sales may be on a holiday, but you don’t have to take it off.

Use a price tracker app

Technology may be the reason why mattress sales have become rampant these days, but it can also help you out in keeping track of them. If you don’t want to miss out on an awesome deal again this Labor Day, invest in a price tracker app such as ShopSavvy. This handy dandy app lets you know exactly how much a certain item is worth, not just in your area but also across the country. It helps you compare prices and find out where to get the best deal, including any promos or cashback offers.

Use social media for updates

Social media is one of the best resources when it comes to things like Labor Day mattress sales. It can help you stay in the loop about what’s going on and where the best deals are. You can use sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with other people who are in the market for a new mattress. Not only do they give you tips on where to get what you want, but some even provide links to promos and deals that you can take advantage of.

Use coupons

Even if there’s no major Labor Day mattress sale going on, you can still take advantage of coupon sites like Retail Me Not to score discounts. These coupons and promo codes are updated regularly so you can be sure that they’re current. Before making a purchase, it doesn’t hurt to look over these codes just in case there’s one out there for your favorite mattress store. This way, you can be sure to get a discount for things like mattresses or even shipping fees and delivery service.

Watch out for hype

As with any sale, there are going to be times when the seller is just trying to make a name for itself. While it’s easy to trust major companies with your hard-earned money, it pays to be extra careful when it comes to less familiar brands. Be suspicious of bargain offers that appear to be too good to be true. Also, keep an eye out for hidden costs like delivery and shipping fees. Lastly, check the fine print before making your purchase so that you don’t miss out on any important details.

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The Art of Rug Layering

There is nothing that feels more like home than a soft, cozy rug. It's the foundation of any room; the base on which you build your decor and express your tastes.

Rug layers are an expression of comfort and aesthetic joy; they can be done with rugs you already own or found in endless combinations to create new pieces. The key is to have rugs that work together, but are different enough to create visual interest.

Don't limit yourself; you can layer a variety of shapes and sizes such as the classic Moroccan Tatami mat with ikat and geometric patterns. Layer multiple rugs of different materials or within the same material family: wool, silk, jute, or cotton.

To begin, it is important to choose the rugs that inspire you. Your living room may call out for a plush sisal rug with an artistic pattern in black and white. Or maybe your bedroom needs a touch of vintage with a Persian Sarouk runner layered under an Ikat print for contrast. The possibilities are endless!

  • Start with your main rug, this will be the largest and most visible piece in the space.
  • Select a secondary rug to layer underneath or behind the main rug; these are slightly smaller so that they peek out from the edges of your main area rug, but maintain an even layer effect without affecting the overall size of your rug.
  • Complete another layer by adding a third, more intricate patterned rug in the center and/or corner; this is a smaller piece that will bring out the colors and patterns in your main rug while also creating visual interest.

Layer around furniture — but keep it subtle

You can layer around furniture but keep this to a minimum. Don't layer underneath the front legs of your couch or directly in front of your coffee table; you want the rugs to be visible and not cover up any architectural elements that you want to show off.

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Seasons Greetings This Labor Day

The school year is coming to a close, and students are getting ready for the summer holidays. For those teachers who will be spending Labor Day weekend at home with their families, it's time to start looking into how you're going to make the kids' holiday extra special this year. Here are some of our favorite ideas for celebrating:

Public Parks

If you're looking to take a break from the chill and have a bit of fun, bring your kids to the park for some outdoor shenanigans. If it's too cold where you live, try one of these ideas instead:

The Beach

If you plan ahead, there are plenty of beaches with outdoor pools that will be heated throughout Labor Day weekend.

When you plan your route, don't forget to be honest with your kids. There are plenty of places along the way that will lure them in with promises of ice cream or other treats if they're good until you get home. The last thing you want to see is a disappointed child because he didn't get his treat.

Summer Camp

If you're going to get your kids a gift for Labor Day, consider investing in a season pass. Not only will they have plenty of opportunity to make friends and enjoy the summer sun, but it'll also give you time away from the house!

Swim Parties

It might be too cold this weekend to actually swim, but there's plenty you can do indoors to have a summer swim party. Consider these other ideas:

Invite the Kids' Friends

Labor Day is an American holiday that honors the working men and women of the country. It's important that we teach our children how to value their own work, as well as others who are working around them every day. While you're at it, consider doing a little volunteer work in your neighborhood or community center to remind them that they can give back and make the world a better place while still having fun!

Step Back From Technology

Not only does Labor Day celebrate workers, but it also commemorates the efforts of those who have struggled for labor rights throughout the years. It's important to remember what this day is all about when we think about our own work, and it's also a good time to remind our children of the sacrifices of others in order to make sure that everyone has the right kind of future.

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History of ‘Labor Day’

Eugene V. Debs, union leader and five-time Socialist Party presidential candidate, understood the importance of Labor Day better than anyone else. But have you ever wondered why we celebrate Labor Day on September 7 every year? Why not May 1, the day of international solidarity with all workers? Or April 12, the birthday of Robert Burns, a popular Scottish poet who championed working-class people in his poems?

The history of this holiday reveals that it was intended to honor and celebrate the birth of unions, which were a radical idea at the time. In June 1869, after two years of planning by an alliance of trade union leaders called the Central Labor Union, social reformers and self-proclaimed socialists held what they dubbed as “the first labor festival in U.S. history” in New York City. It was a massive outdoor meeting that included an eight-hour work day march and culminated with a giant banquet for 10,000 people.

The organizers hoped to demonstrate the power of unions by rallying large crowds on this special occasion. Labor Day commemorates the importance of labor unions as well as workers’ achievements and the power they possess. It’s important to note that, at the time, only 6 percent of American workers were unionized and working conditions were terrible in most jobs. In 1870, the Cincinnati Daily Gazette described a first-hand account by immigrant German workers of “groping around for an existence” on $4 per week. The wives and children of these workers were often forced to sell flowers, candy or fruit on the streets to earn money for their families. Occasionally, when they were allowed to work, these women earned as little as $0.25 a week in factories. But some people believe that American Labor Day had its roots in ancient pagan celebrations marking the beginning of the harvest season.

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Why We Celebrate Labor Day

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Samuel Gompers and the American Federation of Labor (AFL) are responsible for creating a nationwide holiday in honor of workers.

When a railroad strike threatened to shut down all movement in Pullman, Illinois on May 11, 1894, Gompers suggested that it would be more beneficial if the unions make May 1 a day for workers to show their appreciation of labor. Gompers believed that the Labor Day celebration would enlist public support for workers' causes.

The idea was received enthusiastically by federal and state officials, especially in states where most workers were organized. President Grover Cleveland signed the bill making Labor Day a national holiday on June 28, 1894.

Gompers always maintained that he had simply suggested a holiday for workers, and that he was not the founder of Labor Day. However, there is evidence that Gompers played a significant role in convincing Cleveland to make it a national holiday.

In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the legislation making May 1st Labor Day, effective 1941. The day had been chosen by Congress because it coincided with the date of a major strike for the eight-hour workday.

Cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago host huge parades and festivals to honor workers on Labor Day every year. Another common name for Labor Day is Working People's Day, which was first used by socialists in St. Louis, Missouri in 1884.

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Stunning Staircase Design to Take Note Of

Entering some of the world’s most beautiful homes you will be greeted with a stairway that is more than functional. Some homeowners may be content with simple wooden steps enclosed by a rail and banister – but those that have the means to create a stunning design will surely take full advantage.

Aspiring designers of staircases can take inspiration from the variety of styles in this article. This is a brief introduction to five, but there are many more out there if you search online or visit a design show home on your next family vacation.

The Industrial Look

This dark metallic staircase features exposed screws and bolts that are attached to wooden slats. The space is open to allow light to filter through, giving it that industrial feel.

The Minimalist Look

For those who live in smaller homes this minimalist design can take up less room than a traditional staircase. It’s useful for getting around the house too, and is often used by homeowners as a makeshift bookshelf that can even double up as a storage area for shoes or bags.

The Z-Shape

While some homeowners opt for a more straightforward design, others choose to create something that is much more unique. This zigzag style maximizes the space available by going from one wall to another in a smooth curve. There are no sharp corners so it can take up less room while providing plenty of space for storage thanks to the shelves either side.

The Spiral Look

For homeowners that like a touch of drama and luxury, the spiral staircase is sure to make an impact on your guests. Whether it’s used in a grand mansion, or sits in the center of a loft style apartment, the unique design is sure to impress.

The Banister-less Look

Whether the space beneath your staircase is wasted or could be put to good use is entirely up to you. The banister-less look combines a glass panel with wooden steps, providing extra light as well as giving homeowners the chance to show off their prized plants and collectables.

The Basic Look

Some homeowners like to keep it simple and opt for a wooden staircase. Using the same material throughout is sure to complement the room’s existing décor. There are plenty of different designs available too, some with an ornate edge or curved profile that will soften any space without compromising on storage space.

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Gorgeous Dorm Room Transformation Ideas

Living in a dorm room is similar to being at home in some ways, but it’s also different in that you have limited space and shared resources. You can make the most of your living situation with a few simple tips.

Pick your space

As a freshman, you are guaranteed to get either an old-style dorm room or a new-stylesuite” with multiple rooms. In either case, you will share the space with at least one roommate. If you have more than one room, then each room comes with its own sink and full-length mirror. It’s up to you if you want the doors open or closed, but it can be difficult to share one sink with multiple people.

If you are lucky enough to get a suite, then you have your own room and bathroom — which gives you more freedom in decoration and organization. However, suites also come with a lot of shared space. For example, there might be a communal lounge area or you have to share the bathroom with your suite-mates.

Depending on your living situation, here are some ways to make each room feel more like home:

An old-style dorm room is often 10’x12′, which can feel really cramped when you try to fill it with all of your furniture and clothes. You can make small changes like hanging up posters, but if you want something that will really stand out, consider getting a colorful rug or paint the walls in one of your favorite colors.

Create storage space

If you have a bed/desk combo, then most likely there will be a lot of empty space underneath. You could put your bed on top of the desk and hang storage from the wall or you could get yourself an under-the-bed storage container. Use it to store clothes, shoes, books, papers and other miscellaneous items.

Keep your belongings organized

Dorm rooms are often small enough that everything can just be set out in the open. Not only does this clutter up your space, but it also means that others will see things you don’t want them to see.

On a college campus, theft is not uncommon and people are careless with their belongings — especially when they think no one is looking. You should keep anything of value locked up and try to keep valuables in the same place every time you use them.

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8 Organizing Tips Inspired From IKEA

With the help of IKEA and its ever growing home decor inspo website we've compiled easy ways to make your space work better for you!

1. Organize your bedroom drawers with dividers, and label the sections so that everyone in the family knows where to put things back when they're done using them.

2. Take advantage of vertical storage if you don't have a lot of floor space. Install shelves in your closet to create extra storage for shoes, bags and other items you want to keep out of sight.

3. Make the most of the wall next to your bed by installing a pegboard with hooks for hanging clothes. You can also add containers that hold small items such as socks, underwear and belts.

4. Create a stylish storage space that's good for things you need to keep cool by adding an IKEA HEMMA wine rack to your kitchen wall, near the refrigerator.  You can also HEMMA in other places like the laundry room or garage for mops, brooms and gardening tools. The rack fits neatly against the wall, so it's out of the way and doesn't take up space.

5. Rearrange your living room or den to make better use of the space and create a more functional layout that makes sense for you and your family. Move any large pieces of furniture around—they don't have to be where they've always been. Try tucking a low cabinet for storage in the corner of your room, or adding an extra chair to make space for coffee table between two couches.

6. Add hooks to your bathroom walls and put up shower curtain rods above the tub so you can hang bath towels while taking full advantage of floor space for other things. You can also add a small shelf to the inside of your door for extra storage.

7. Get rid of things you no longer use or need, and give new life to unused storage solutions. You can turn old ice cube trays into travel-size containers for toiletries, lipstick tubes and other daily essentials that you want within easy reach.

8. Use the space in your drawers for more than just clothing—add dividers so you can store and separate small items. If you have kids, label each section with their names so that everyone knows where to put his or her stuff. You can also add a tray to lay out jewelry and other accessories in clear sight on top of the drawer.



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