Images of a new Nigo x Louis Vuitton line have appeared, including a duck-shaped shoulder bag that would make Tony Soprano cry with joy. The duck bag is likely a reference to Nigo’s BAPE line, which featured a similar duck-shaped bag. The collection also includes a tiger-striped tee, polo shirt, and track jacket, as well as a pair of denim shorts with Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram print.


NIGO is no stranger to high-end fashion collaborations, having previously worked with Supreme, A Bathing Ape, and Uniqlo. The LV monogrammed leather pouch, which is said to be available in November, has gold hardware and features a fowl-inspired design. A detachable shoulder strap allows for crossbody carrying, but I imagine Tony would go strap-free and carefully cradle the duck in his arms. Louis Vuitton has previously experimented with three-dimensional accessories, as earlier this year, Virgil Abloh unveiled an airplane-shaped handbag at the house’s Fall/Winter 2021 runway show. In 1998, Louis Vuitton produced a unique soccer ball bag that was later worn by the one and only Rihanna in 2019.

It’s now clear that the fashion industry is a fan of animal-shaped handbags. An homage to designer Browne’s beloved dog, the dachshund-shaped Hector bag has become a celebrity favorite — in fact, Erykah Badu wore it to the Met Gala last week. The bifurcated design of the strawberry body lends it a unique look that reflects its delicate youthful flavor. However, because they are single-seeded strawberries grown in California, they can only be enjoyed fresh for one or two days after being picked.


Louis Vuitton also offers a wide range of accessories: elephant, whale, frog, and rabbit-shaped bags are all available through the JW Anderson-led line. I’d love to see an entire episode devoted to Tony Soprano’s search for the Nigo x LV duck bag if he were alive today (excepting the show’s unresolved conclusion). The mob boss assuages his emotional emptiness by searching StockX and Grailed for the leather accessory, subsequently assigning a hit on a vendor who, stupidly, refuses to discount the price.

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