Could this be the end of a public feud that has been going on for over two years now?

Some online back-and-forth followed Jamie Lynn Spears' interview to promote her new book Things I Should Have Said. Britney Spears said in a statement released Monday, that she "said some harsh things" and would like to move forward.

She wrote: "I know you worked hard for the life you have and you have done amazing things and I'm proud of you! However, I believe we would have to agree that the family has never been as hard on you as it has been on me."

Britney, 31, was reportedly hurt that Jamie Lynn, 21, revealed that her sister never called her to congratulate her on the birth of her daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge.

But after fans of both stars lashed out at them for "attacking each other" through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook over the weekend, Britney decided it is time to move forward.

"I know it's tough when the people you love hurt you the most," she wrote. "We all make mistakes, but I truly hope in time you can forgive me and I wish you nothing but continued success!"

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn has not made any public statements since her controversial interview on Friday.

TIME also reports that if the family feud is finally over, the two sisters could possibly team up for a TV special or reality show about their lives together -- similar to what Nick and Jessica did after they split.

"I always wanted to do something with Britney," Jamie Lynn said in her interview with ABC News. "You know, like maybe get our own little TV show or something."She continued, "I mean, from the time we were little kids it always made me really upset that people wanted to see a Nick and Jessica special or a Britney and Kevin special" but not one starring two sisters.