Neon lighting methods are having a huge moment in home decor, and for good reason. The soft tubes of light are bold, bright and make everything around them seem more interesting. They're also having one of those "hipster-ish" overhauls that have revitalized other once reviled trends (hello plaid shirts!). Don't worry, though. Unlike a certain retro floral fabric that may not be so easy to love (no judging!), neon is here to stay and perhaps make your whole home a little happier.

Neon isn't going anywhere anytime soon (thank god!) but if you don't like the idea of the old-school, glow stick style neon lights, you can go with a more modern version such as this chandelier made by Cosmo Lighting.

Neon lights are just one of the many ways you can inject a bit of entertaining fun into your home. If you want to brighten up your space with some upbeat color, these glowing bulbs will certainly do it.

Other ways you can add neon to your home include:

A neon accent wall for a modern look. Adds some excitement and fun without screaming '80s! Neon colored walls are in right now, but if you want something brighter and more bold, try a glowing accent wall that adds just a touch of bright color to your space without going overboard.

Neon colored or patterned rugs. Rugs exude comfort and style, so this is a great way to add a little retro feel to your space without going all out!

Lighting fixtures with neon in them – as funky as you want them to be!

Neon signs are also having a moment right now, as well. You can find them at any flea market or antique store, and while they will cost you a little more than the regular version (which is also available), neon signs are a great way to add some retro flair to your home.