Although Netflix’s Breaking Bad movie franchise El Camino was released a few years ago, Medicom Toy hoped to capitalize on the newfound interest with a pair of new BE@RBRICKS. We saw Walter White and the burnt pink teddy bear, both based on the popular TV show, were made available in 100 percent and 400 percent variants. Being that BE@ARBRICKS are currently one of the world’s most popular designer toys up to this day.

The first figure released was of Walter White, who was dressed in a latex yellow lab coat and a black apron. White’s serious look is followed by a pink and gray mask put on top of the head in place of its ears. On his head, White wears blue gloves, and a gray and pink mask, with his rectangular spectacles. White wears rectangular glasses and has a thick beard, and he also has a small mole on the left side of his face, as seen on the TV series. The BE@RBRICK is depicted with blue gloves and a little unzipped collar as a finishing accent to the figurine.

The burnt pink teddy bear, a recurring motif in many episodes from Breaking Bad Season Two, is the following component to the series. Three-quarters of the figure retains the colors of the original teddy bear, with its pink ears, purple-ish and pink fur, and a white torso, but a quarter of the piece on its left portion has been colored in black to depict burn scars – where the side had a missing eye and gray or discolored ears. The bear, according to some patrons of the show, might be a metaphor for the loss of innocence, as well as a premonition of Gus Fring’s demise in Season Four of one of the most popular TV shows of all time.