Boxzes started out with a notion sparked by a stack of strewn-about boxes, a love for collecting various collectibles, and an obsessive concern with tidiness. Keeping a collectable in its original packaging and neglecting it over time is the highest disrespect someone can do to its creators. That is why their ideas have centered throughout minimalism, simplicity, and utility. To the last detail, they have identified, reinvented, refined, and polished what a simple acrylic storage box could to your novelty items. From every angle and perspective, they have produced something that was nothing short of flawless.

With that being said, who would not want to use Boxzes to keep their very own BE@RBRICK?

The Hong Kong-based accessories company has joined forces with the Pioneer Trend Art Space E2W East and West Space in Shanghai to create the “Emphabox 1000 percent” range of display boxes. The boxes are designed to preserve the condition of valuable accessories and toys.

The display box is actually the ideal size of 1000 percent BE@RBRICKS and is available in three colors: blue, pink, and neutral. Each package includes a high-quality 5mm acrylic casting plate with a tiny handle for pulling out the inner casing. Collector can also opt to add a mirror inside or to the base of the box to better showcase any collector item, which also comes with a small stand.

So far, there has not been any news on official release dates and pricing, but the Emphabox 1000 percent should be available on Boxzes’ official website.