Bodega has teamed up with Helinox once again to release its first capsule of the year, "Natural Habitat," following several collaborative efforts for its FW21 collection. Bodega links up with Helinox once again to debut its first capsule of the year called “Natural Habitat.” The Boston-based streetwear store sought to draw attention to the fact that we are a product of our environment, which opens up the question of whether "nurture versus nature" has any relevance.

While some people may choose one side or the other, Bodega appreciates the balance of both aspects. Rather than arguing, the store embraces its humble origins and the road traveled thus far — both good and bad elements that helped to shape the entire group as it is now.

The capsule's camouflage design pays homage to its Boston roots and harkens back to when it first launched in the early 1900s. The walls are painted a deep green, with gold accents. Gold frames around images of foliage add a festive touch. An autumn leaf motif is used as decorating touches throughout the room. The design, which incorporates gritty urban elements such as shattered glass, concrete, and fencing, fully encapsulates going about the city of Boston in order to convey how intricate yet appealing the environment is.

“Natural Habitat” is a humble collection that opens up to the discussion of whether “nature versus nurture” is in any way connected. Many people are divided between the two, but Bodega praises the balance of both aspects. Rather than debating, it embraces its humble beginnings and the journey along the way.“We are a product of our environment,” says Bodega of its FW21 collection. “Whether it be how we were raised, our socioeconomic status, or the town in which we live – all these factors contribute to who we are today. However, rather than focusing on one over the other, we appreciate the harmony of both the nature and nurture perspectives in life.” And to bring that message across, Bodega worked with Helinox for its FW21 collection “Natural Habitat.”