Bocca Unlimited, the new collection from Bocca's first label Gufram. The innovative fabric designed and created by Snøhetta to mark a turning point in the history of contemporary furnishing.

It is an elegant woollen fabric that dresses up sofas, armchairs, bedspreads and cushions. An Italian fabric that exalts harmony, beauty and quality. Bocca Unlimited is available in 40 colours with a wide range of harmonizing shades to create the best color combinations for any space.

A story that began in 1976 as a family business based on the conviction that only the quality of a product can become excellence, and is today an international luxury brand.

The new collection Bocca Unlimited by Gufram exudes character: softness and solidity merge into a single piece, creating a union in which each element expresses its own personality. The interpretations are endless.

To give life to this innovation, Gufram worked for several years with Snøhetta, a prestigious Norwegian architecture firm that has created projects all over the world. An international team of designers gave their best contribution to create an innovative and exclusive fabric. The result is astonishing: Bocca Unlimited by Gufram brings together tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.

The result is a piece of furniture that shows the character of each room, with a fabric that can change colour according to the designer's imagination and creativity. The combination of colours in Bocca Unlimited by Gufram gives infinite possibilities for creating new stories: every room has its own alchemy.

To slip into one of these sofas is to travel into the past and imagine the experiences of those who lived in the area that is now part of Italy. The colors are inspired by nature, bringing emotion to any atmosphere with innovative tones for sofas and armchairs and lovely shades for sheets, cushions and bedspreads.

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