An overlap between an elaborate historical style and an abstract modern one. The functional piece of furniture has been given a complex sculptural treatment in order to make its form alone a major source of its appeal. The Boca do Lobo Diamond Sideboard is without any question the work with the most visual impact of the collection, both according to the proportions, the details and the overlapping between an elaborate historical style and an abstract modern one.

The creation of this piece was in itself very demanding both from a technical point of view as well as a manufacturing one and it is understood that its consequences on quality are immediate. Boca do Lobo's philosophy moves away from gratuitous extravagance. Luxury has always been used to express power, and it is a luxury aimed at the higher aesthetical pleasure and not just of comfort.

The highly worked walnut veneer with details in rose wood or marquetry and precious materials such as marble and metals in three different finishes are some of the raw materials that compose this piece . Boca do Lobo also spares no expense in the choice of these materials, and combine them to achieve a result that is not just decorative, but above all else aesthetical. 

The backboard is composed by a walnut veneer that has been sculpted with wooden tools in order to obtain the effect of an antique marble bust. The same technique was used for the doors, which are topped with diamond shaped marquetry with different materials and finishes.

This piece stands out as one of the most expensive pieces made by Boca do Lobo, and it is also one of the most extravagant. The Crumpled Luxury Cabinets are definitely the cabinets for you. The triangular shapes and wave-like contours are not only aesthetically pleasing, but may also be perceived as a metaphor for the sea.