Bloody Osiris, a celebrity stylist, has once again shown that he is ahead of the curve by donning an ensemble that featured unique pieces from Chrome Hearts. The New Yorker flaunted these prized possessions of his while standing on a new wooden chair from the brand.

Chrome Hearts has been recognized for their exclusivity. Founded as a biker brand, the label’s one-of-a-kind silver hardware and leather items have elevated them to an ultimate status symbol. It was also helpful to have a talent for cooperation, as the dunk sneakers seen from Rick Owens demonstrated.

The rare sneakers, which had the silver Chrome Hearts logo on its tongue, had been dubbed the as the “dunks” since Rick Owens was forced to cease making them when Nike filed a lawsuit that accused him of copying their basketball sneaker designs. The limited offerings of the shoes have made them seem like a great collector’s item, with just one pair of these Chrome Hearts versions offered on Grailed for $8,4999.

The remarkable sneakers were seen worn by Osiris along with a pair of Chrome Hearts denim, which matched the details of the red logo to the red bandana knotted around his head, a belt once again from the same label, and a white tank top. A bracelet, chunky silver necklace, and watch completed the whole look.