It is not just about what you wear; it is also about how you wear it. Billionaire Boys club, known for its trendy streetwear options, is bringing flair into people’s homes. Last month, the brand introduced a new line of home products, and they are back with some fresh additions to that line. This time around, people got a peak at two new plush decorative pillows with the motifs dubbed “Helmet Head” and “Standing Astronaut.”

Billionaire Boys Club has been known for their accessories, apparel, and footwear collaborations, but the company has recently expanded its offering to include home items, which came in the form of soft decorative pillow. These plush pillows have become an ultimate fan favorite for any fans of astronomy and BBC itself, thank to the incorporation of “Helmet Head” and “Standing Astronaut” motifs that trace all the way back to the brand’s origins founded by NIGO and Pharrell Williams.

The designs are two of the brand’s initial logo elements, going back to what was previously mentioned about NIGO and Pharrell. Each pillow was made of velvet-like fabric with chenille accents and is filled with padding. The “Helmet Head” cushion was made available in military olive with accents of tan, bright green with accents of black, and blue with accents of navy. White with black and sky blue with white are both options for the “Standing Astronaut” cushion. A final touch of the Billionaire Boys Club hangtag completes each of the pillows. These have truly become a wonderful touch to start with if you want to add something special to your home’s first décor setting.

Take a look at the two new decorative pillows and you can order your own from the Billionaire Boys Club webstore. Each one costs around $85 USD. Also, keep an eye out for more home and style options from the Homeless Penthouse Lookbook here now.