The BFF is a sculpture by artist KAWS. It stands at seven feet tall and was created in 2001.

In 2010, the BFF was put up for auction on eBay and sold for a record price of US$233,000 to an anonymous collector. As the buyer wished to remain anonymous, it is currently unknown where the statue is located but rumors suggest that it has been shipped out of the United States.

This piece is an over-sized sculpture of the artist’s childhood toy, a stuffed bear that is shown as being “torn to pieces.” KAWS stated: "When I was growing up, I had an old teddy bear that accidentally got torn to pieces. I always thought it was cool how the stuffing just came spilling out. Here, you can see the stuffing coming out of the bear."

The toy's shape is similar to that of Sesame Street Elmo, which has led some people to believe it is an homage. This has never been officially confirmed by KAWS himself. The lower portion of BFFs body is torn open, exposing a large cavity. The inside of this cavity is lined in white satin, as can be seen from the exterior. BFF has a flat black nose that is made out of vinyl and he has oversized "X" eyes. These are also black with shiny silver pupils and irises that are surrounded by red lines. BFF’s face appears to be a smiling one. The bear's expression is reminiscent of a look that Chris Brown has in the cover art for his 2006 album, Exclusive.

The sculpture also features red-painted fingernails and an unpainted thumb on each hand. These are the same color as the stitching on BFF’s left arm which appears to be a black, satin sleeve. The bear's arms are held up by thin wires and appear to be floating off of the body. Also, BFF’s legs stop in mid-air, as if they were cut short with a knife.

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