The trucker hat, made popular by celebrities like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in the 2000s, has been a crowd favorite for decades. Although fashion moguls have popularized the item since the year 2000, it previously had a more functional purpose for farmers and truckers alike, who usually use the hat to protect themselves from the challenges and elements they face on the job. The trucker hat is making an indisputable fashion comeback, whether it is worn with a monochrome suit or complemented with a model-off-duty appearance.

At first sight, the trucker hat and its American equivalent, the baseball cap, are nearly identical. The trucker had then evolved from a functional type of headwear for farmers and truckers, as well as an affordable advertising medium for the agricultural and feed stores where they bought from, to a high-fashion item being worn to this day. The trend of wearing trucker hats gained traction owing to labels such as Supreme and Von Dutch, which helped to popularize the accessory. The hat has been a fixture for many subcultures and style enthusiasts, with a broad brim, foam front, and mesh sections. A few popular ways described to wear trucker hats this season include monochromatic patterns, shirts full of graphics and logos, and bright color ensembles.

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