The trendier the hat, the better chance it has in lasting for more than a few seasons... Hat trends are constantly moving and changing every year, with a new generation of designers bringing their own unique style to each season. The best hat trends tend to be the ones that feel like they'll last for more than a season or two, as well as those that are easily wearable for both men and women.

Fall 2021 Hat Trends to Fall/Winter 2020 hats were all about big earmuffs, a variety of different hats that could be worn from the streets to the ski slopes. Finding headwear you can wear all year round isn’t easy but this season will be giving you plenty of options to do just that!

Usually one of the most versatile and useful pieces of clothing for men and women, hats are moving into some exciting new territory. Big earmuffs are being replaced by even bigger, plush styles that will keep your head and ears warm all season long.

The trends have mostly stayed the same as last year but a few new styles have emerged - there is still an abundance of big earmuffs for women as well as men but also some small fur hats that will look great over your hair, not just keeping your head warm.

Short and sweet for everyone who doesn’t want to spend all day in the hairdressers! Although it is easy to lump winter hats into one big category, there are actually a few different styles that are created to suit your personal taste and style.

For those who want to stay on trend but also have a practical winter hat, the fur earmuffs are sure to keep you warm while looking cool in the streets! For those who don’t mind wearing more than one piece of clothing simultaneously, the double-layer earmuffs are sure to both look good and keep you cozy - ideal for the colder weather!

Finally, fur earmuffs are the most traditional of winter hats and if you’re going to wear one this season then it may as well be a popular style like rabbit. No matter what your taste in clothing is, there is sure to be a winter hat to match.

With many designers also making headwear more of an accessory this season, there are plenty of interesting hats on the market that will not only make you look good but keep you warm too! For more hat ideas this coming fall, visit