Well, that happened: 2021. You don’t need me to remind you about a year that will likely best be forgotten by many. But some good things did happen! Remember the butterfly that landed on Naomi Osaka during her Australian Open match? Or how about the ascension of Amanda Gorman? What about every look Zoë Kravitz was seen in when she was papped arm in arm with her maybe-boyfriend Channing Tatum? See, there was some good.

But now we have to deal with the damage. So let’s start with fashion before investigating how it affected food, entertainment, politics and social media trends for this year; after all, it’s the most important of these categories. Let's begin!

The Best Fits For The Year (Ranked)

It’s certainly interesting that an article about art would include fashion, seeing as art is arguably one of - maybe even the - oldest category used by humans to express themselves in this world.

Yes, fashion is an art form. And it’s easy to see why: clothes can tell so much about a person - their status, their tastes and even what kind of person they want to be seen as.

They’re all clichés because they work!

It was hard to pick just three fits that would get this article going because there’s a lot of ‘good fits’ that came out last year.

But the three I chose all have a few things in common: they’re from unique designers and they show off what makes them special.

In no particular order, here are ten best fits from 2021!

1) The Scarlett Johansson Trench by Maison Margiela

This is a unique design that you wouldn’t expect from the house. The way the seams come together creates a sort of glow around it, as if it emits power! It also looks great on Scarlett - her arms and neck look so dainty yet so strong at the same time.

What it does: really sets this outfit apart from the rest.

2) The Aladdin Pants by Gucci

We all know these were a hit during their release and we can see why! They aren’t just good for dancing, they also work great on the red carpet - and that’s exactly where Beyonce wore them.

But it’s not just the design itself that deserves praise, but also Jughead Jones’s styling - he did a fantastic job at making this work for him! His outfit looks less ‘fluffy pajamas’ and more ‘working clothes for royalty-type jobs’.

What it does: shows that you can still be stylish even if you’re wearing pajamas!

3) The Céline Tux by Celine

Another outfit which has some extra flair with its tailoring; this tuxedo looks like it came straight out of the future. And Meryl Streep looked stunning in it, but then again - is that even a surprise?

What it does: makes you look like the most stylish person in the room.

4) The Alchemist Coat by Prabal Gurung

It’s interesting to see such a rare design on this list; what makes outfits like these stand out is their rarity which often results in them being tailor-made for the person who wants it.

Just look at how well this coat is doing for Emily DiDonato, especially when combined with her hair! It’s a very elegant look which is also surprisingly practical! And if you want to feel like a magical princess, wearing clothing that sparkles probably helps with that.

What it does: makes your outfit sparkle, but also keeps you warm.

5) The Chanel Blazer by Chanel

I have to admit that I’m growing tired of all these blazers on this list, but they definitely deserve their place here! And unlike some other designs here, the fits are not specifically tailored for one person.

But even the generalization works here: this is a classic and timeless design - and we can see how it’s working for both Gwyneth Paltrow and Lucy Liu. Their outfits look perfect together! What’s not to like?

What it does: makes you look like a high-powered lady.

6) The Bucket Hat by Moschino

This look is... unique to say the least, and it’s not like we can really know what this hat was for. But if we go with the assumption that it belongs to a gardener, or someone who enjoys spending their time outside; then it does an excellent job at keeping the sun out of their eyes and looking stylish while doing so!What it does: makes you look like a cool person who loves to spend time outside.