One of the longest streets in Brooklyn, New York, Bedford Avenue boasts a 10.2 miles stretch all the way from Manhattan Avenue to Emmons Avenue. Back in the 18th century, it was a significant route from north to south. It provided a passageway for farmers from Flatbush and Newtown Creek. With the rise of development in the City of Brooklyn, Bedford Avenue became one of the first roads being paved. Its entirety speaks so much of the magnanimous transformation of Brooklyn from rural to urban.

A report from presents a survey taken from 29 of the most prominent American Cities, shows that Bedford Avenue is one of the third-safest urban neigbhorhood. Well then, go ahead and enjoy the safe streets! If you're looking for specific shops, boutique, or restaurants in the lively streets of Williamsburg, you can check out this Full Guide to Bedford Avenue: from Greenpoint to Broadway 

Homeless Penthouse proudly brings you a glimpse of Bedford Avenue, highlighting the culturally diverse neighborhood; check out this 4k Walking Tour made especially for our dearest viewers.