Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick series has undoubtedly been a recognizable face to streetwear aficionados. The collectable toys are essentially an adult’s version of going to Toys “R” Us when they were a kid. The only difference is now, unlike in someone’s younger years, these Bearbrick sculptures have become very collectible art pieces. The Japanese toy business has partnered with artists, big stores, and fashion designers to manufacture different varieties of their figurines.

READYMADE by Yuta Hosokawa has been involved with a number of collaborations in the last few years, notably with Just Don and Timberland. The Japanese brand has teamed up with BAPE and Medicom Toy in 2018 for a trio of BE@RBRICK premium collaboration figurines.

The basic offering consisted of 100 percent to 400 percent printed versions, with READYMADE’s signature army green on one side and BAPE’s signature camo print on the other. On the front and back, a remake of BAPE’s classic Shark Hoodie was printed, while each brand’s emblems appeared on both corresponding sides. A 1000 percent BE@RBRICK figurine made from READYMADE’s hallmark and vintage military fabric, with ribbed hems, 3D patches, a little pocket, and a working zipper on the back, was the star of the collaborative release.

Although numerous BAPE Bearbricks have been launched with the streetwear label’s distinctive “Shark” insignia, their collaboration with READYMADE was unique in that an actual BAPE hoodie was created just for the figure itself. On StockX, the lowest asking price for the item was around $17,000.

On October 20, 2018, the limited-edition collectibles were made available at BAPE Harajuku, select READYMADE retailers, including Tokyo’s GR8, and Project 1/6 stores. The 100 percent and 400 percent could have been purchased together at 19,440 JPY (which made about $175 USD), whereas the 1000 percent costed 300,000 USD JPY (roughly $2,700 USD) at the time.