For Spring 2021, A Bathing Ape has expanded their BPA STA line. The seasonal collection comprised of all-new designs inspired by the original models, as well as hardly ever seen colors of the famous shoe.

There are 12 color schemes in all the BAPE STA Spring 2021 line. The BAPE BLAOCK STA HI, BAPE COURT STA, BAPE SK8 STA, and BAPE STA 93 HI are among the many iterations of the traditional BAPE STA, as well as several more of the new models.

Rather than simply showing you each colorway, we have opted to list down a few what we think are the finest releases from the new BAPE STA range for spring. Since February, the whole collection was made available in BAPE stores and online shops.

BAPE STA “White”

We recommend the on-hand “White” colored sneaker for aficionados of the original BAPE STA for spring. The top of the shoe is made out of soft suede and quality leather materials, and a brand new sold has also been added to make the profile a lot lighter.


The “Black Lime” BAPE BLOCK STA HI has bold color blockings that makes it a must-have. The high-top silhouette has a Velcro strap at the shoe neck to keep it secure, while branding emblems on the side and its heel includes a BAPE logo and “93” emblem.

BAPE SK8 STA “Wheat/Red”

The BAPE SK8 STA was expected to be the obvious favorite among the new releases. The “Wheat/Red” version, with its STA logo adorning the side, was the selection for Spring 2021. The top is composed of soft suede, while the outsole is constructed of gum. The design is completed with adjustable lacing holes and a rubber “93” logo.

BAPE COURT STA “Mist Grey/Royal Purple”

People knew this was the one when the hot-pressed ABC camo patter was spotted on it in “Mist Grey/Royal Purple.” The color scheme looked fantastic, and it was the traditional BAPE pattern that took it to a whole new level. The BAPE emblem is stitched into the heel of the low-top shoe, which has a suede upper.