Over the years, favored streetwear brands have never hesitated to shy away from innovating other conventional design inspirations from both traditional and contemporary designers alike. And so far, A Bathing Ape has been one of these brands. BAPE has teamed up with Modenica once again to give some vintage furniture items a new spin. Their collaboration with Modernica, a pioneer in the market of modern furniture for more than 25 years and in many techniques of molding and carpentry, come with a solid color seat with BAPE’s signature camo-toned design and arguable the most iconic and uniquely designed item on the collection – The Bathing Ape BAPE Coffee Table.

A Bathing Ape is debuting a large and on-brand coffee table as part of its BAPE STUDY EXHIBITION at BAPE GALLERY. Standing 36cm tall with 60 x 90cm in dimension, the table flaunts the Japanese streetwear brand's signature emblem in a fully stained and wooden flattop with stainless steel legs to provide overall support. The table was only available through pre-orders and was released in highly limited quantities.

NIGO, the founder of A BATHING APE, is a well-acclaimed enthusiast of mid-century items, and various pieces of furniture have been manufactured to emulate the classic designs throughout the brand’s history. With the table’s bespoke ape-head form, and retractable metal legs, Nigo’s enthusiasm for mid-century interior decoration was full on display. The new pieces of furniture are now exclaimed as “Classic BAPE design meets classic furniture design.”

Modenica’s long-standing partnership with BAPE continues with new and upcoming projects honoring BAPE Los Angeles’ one-year milestone. Their most recent project involved a Case Study® Fiberglass Side shell variant and a one-of-a-kind Case Study Furniture® Aiko Table, both of which featured the distinctive BAPE Los Angeles camo print. The unique metal plaque is also found in the back of both the said chair and table.