In 2020, Medicom Toy teamed up with Karimoku and BAPE to create a wood BE@RBRICK of Baby Milo. Following that, BAPE will release the first-ever wooden Baby Milo in its original form.

In 2013, BAPE collaborated with TOYQUBE to create the most famous character in the world, BAPE's most well-known character was created in five different woods and has contrasting details throughout. The artwork was conceived for over a year to sculpt as part of BAPE PLAY's branch of the label.

The ceramic figure of a boy, also known as the "Wooden Milo," is eight inches tall and comes in a collector's box. The figure is now available for purchase on TOYQUBE for $2,750 USD.

BAPE® is excited to collaborate with TOYQUBE for this special project. The first ever, official wooden Baby Milo produced by BAPE® and TOYQUBE comes in five different types of wood that showcase contrasting details throughout! Celebrate the heritage of both brands with the first wooden BAPE® product.

Wooden Milo is limited to 50 pieces for each wood type (red sandalwood, yellow sandalwood, red cherry blossom, yellow cherry blossom and ash grey). Product comes packaged in a collectors box. The product will be available for purchase beginning February 24, 2015 on TOYQUBE for 45,000JPY (approximately $390 USD).

BAPE®, a Japanese acronym of A Bathing Ape in Lukewater, is the brainchild of street fashion entrepreneur NIGO®. Born in Ura-Harajuku in 1969, he established BAPE® in 1993. A long-standing presence within the Ura-Harajuku street wear scene, Nigo's influence has made its mark on a number of brands and markets across the world. In addition to over a dozen stores that have been opened worldwide, BAPE® products can be found in over 400 stores worldwide and BAPE® boutiques.NIGO®, who is also known as a DJ, music producer and designer of brands such as HUMAN MADE and SILLY THING, was recently appointed the creative director of NIGOLD® for UNIQLO UT. In addition to his role at BAPE®, NIGO® recently founded a new brand, GOODENOUGH®, the sale of which he plans to begin this year.