BAPE is a famous Japanese fashion company that has a lifestyle brand that includes everything from furniture to pet beds and is as well-known as any in the garment and footwear business. While many have anticipated the arrival of the 20th anniversary BAPE STAs last year, BAPE has also released another drop, that time in ABC CAMO, on a Saturday. They posted a peek at the streetwear label’s latest home décor offering, which included a line of dinnerware.

Bowls, glasses, placemats, and plates were included in the dining set, as well as chopstick rests featuring the brand’s trademark Ape Head logo. The remaining pieces are all made of ABC CAMO, which came in three colorways: blue, green, and pink. The dishes were also emblazoned with the Ape Head logo from BAPE. The brand’s trademark ABC CAMO pattern in green were featured on each item. The 14-piece set was packaged in a green camo print box that opens to reveal the whole collection.

In Japan, BAPE’s online shop and flagship locations launched the whole collection last year. Some were not sure if the pieces were accessible in other international markets, but thankfully we have evolved to the option of having to purchase products online. The placemat was the cheapest item in the dinnerware set, costing only $27, while the plates costed up to $55. The pricing range was reasonable, especially if you were looking for one-of-a-kind and entertaining items that you would not find anywhere else. In January of last year, the entire dinnerware became available, along with the 20th anniversary BPA STAs.

The dinnerware and household furnishings were representative of BAPE’s quirkiness. Consider this collection if you have just recently begun building your own home, condo, or permanent residence and the desire for the fun Japanese concept of “A Bathing Ape.”