Balenciaga has now revealed the newest addition to its "Objects" collection, a dark metallic Tiger Sculpture that will be in time for Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year celebrations.

Since the Year of the Tiger is fast approaching, the mechanical tiger sculpture is inspired by the grace and precision of living cats. The Shanghai artist, Nik Kosmas's body appears futuristically mechanical with sleek lines and sharp edges, evoking the efficiency and elegance of industrial engineering as well as the natural grace and precision of living cats.

Cats are known to be a sign of good luck and fortune, which makes the sculpture a perfect installation for an Asian inspired home. Along with the tiger, Balenciaga has also revealed new additions to its “Bag Bugs” collection like this pastel blue crocodile purse.

The blue crocodile bag with the same exaggerated eyes as the tiger sculpture is another new addition to Balenciaga’s "Bag Bugs" line, which includes animal face bags like this pastel pink rabbit purse. By adding these two designs to its Object line, Balenciaga covers pretty much every aspect of modern design. The artwork was created by Nik Kosmas, a Shanghai-based artist who specializes in provocative multimedia works inspired by sci-fi, fitness, and psychology.

Balenciaga's description of the Tiger Sculpture, according to the brand, is as follows: "The body of the Tiger Sculpture appears futuristically mechanical, evoking the efficiency and elegance of industrial engineering while also capturing both natural grace and precision in cats."

The individual components were powder-coated, glossed, and molded using a lost-wax metal casting method to create the unique brass objects. The sculptures include a vertebrae-like tail portion, gear fittings on the joints, distinct whiskers, and a Balenciaga logo etched on the head.The Balenciaga Tiger Sculpture in Black, which measures 38 x 27 cm and has 15 numbered editions, costs $33,000 USD.