Fear of God's low-key ESSENTIALS collection is one of its most popular, with its easy-to-wear everyday pieces setting the tone for the brand's recent push into home wear.

The main issue that fans have with ESSENTIALS is that its oversized sweatshirts and inconspicuous sweatpants constantly sell out as soon as they are released.

Jerry Lorenzo, the company's creative director and owner, is a problem solver, and with The Core Collection, he and his team hope to treat anybody craving an ESSENTIALS fix.

ESSENTIALS' Core Collection is a constant line of its characteristic loungewear realized in a more subdued palette that its die-hards have grown to know and love, free of seasonal limitations (and collect).

Hoodies, short and long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatpants, polos, and pullovers will be made available in beige and grey, along with the Essential Tennis Shoe and Nylon Cap, which ESSENTIALS characterizes as its "daily wardrobe solutions."

As Lorenzo recently explained to us, he prefers to look at his designs as "solutions" rather than "products," which is crucial to understanding ESSENTIALS' enduring appeal.

Apart from the stylized logos that adorn each piece, ESSENTIALS avoids overt branding in favor of a consistent aesthetic appearance, resulting in a modular collection.

Simply said, modular wardrobes that can be combined and matched make dressing easier without compromising style, relieving the user of the tension of choosing.

ESSENTIALS is a company that specializes in this. It doesn't rely only on enormous logos to capitalize on the excitement, but it does do so on occasion, along with other stylistic anachronisms.

However, without a strong backbone, demand for ESSENTIALS' branded goods would not exist. Its approachable casual lines and flexible colors are crucial, tying everything together, from whole collections to occasional collaborations.The Core Collection exemplifies this all-encompassing approach, removing even the limited experimentation of previous drops to get to the heart of what makes ESSENTIALS, very much essential.