The “beginning, liminal, ego” solo show by Aya Takano was first launched in Perrotin, Hong Kong last June. Takano paid homage to Hong Kong in this second solo show of hers after her first debut back in 2012, by placing more distinctive and ethereal figures of her Superflat technique inside the city’s most urban and rural settings.

The consisted of ten painting and twenty-four sketches. Takana showed such vibrant greeneries and flowing bodies of water in her paintings, which were typically in huge compositions, while her drawings featured big-eyed individuals interacting with the city in their daily lives.

The artist then remarked on the different fetishes of young girls and women alike in her series, as well as in her other previous works, by eliminating males from the images altogether. She created a fantasy universe filled primarily with girls who are at ease in the city’s many settings, whether they were just eating dim sum in a restaurant, playing outside, or riding the tram.

According to one of the exhibition’s press releases, Takano’s figures, even in their new incarnation as Hong Kong residents, were dreamy beings whose garments and hair fluttered against the wind and who seemed to have occupied a very transitional realm that was neither looked wholly earthly nor completely imagined.

Takano’s universe was shown in full devoid of gravity, thus the characters dwelled in a floating realm somewhere in between history, current events, and future comings, but in a separate reality that people could see through her eyes only.