Basquiat was known for his wild and extravagant lifestyle. He loved to throw lavish parties, and often invited many famous friends and celebrities. Basquiat's parties were always a blast, but they could also be quite chaotic. He was known for having very messy parties, and often times there would be broken glass and spilled drinks everywhere. Basquiat also had a reputation for being a bit of a ladies' man. He was often seen with different women, and he was known for his many relationships with famous models and actresses. Basquiat's party habits and girlfriends were just as famous as his art.

Alexis Adler

When they lived together in 1978, his girlfriend Alexis Adler was able to witness his creative process up close. She has remarked, "He was just ransacking the flat. He used to paint with his feet because he couldn't find a brush. And he would use his hands and smear the paint all over the walls."

Mariel Hemingway

Basquiat had a brief but intense relationship with actress Mariel Hemingway in 1984. Hemingway has said that Basquiat was "like a force of nature. He burned very brightly, and he burned out very quickly."


In 1985, Basquiat had a brief but passionate affair with Madonna. Madonna has said that Basquiat was "an amazing lover. He was just so wild and free and passionate."

Suzanne Mallouk

Basquiat was also involved with Suzanne Mallouk, a model and actress. The two met in 1987 and had a brief but intense relationship. Mallouk has said that Basquiat was "like a drug. He was just so addictive and so exciting."

Fiona Golfar

In 1984, Vogue's future editor-at-large hosted Basquiat at her house. Her experience was reminiscent of when she entertained him: "I felt slightly nervous," she says. She continues, "He was this wild, untamed animal." "I remember he jumped on the sofa and started painting it with a can of aerosol  blue paint."